Xavi Brands Van Gaal An Idiot

Legendary Spanish Midfielder Xavi Branded Manchester United Boss An Idiot

If there's one thing you can say about Xavi Hernandez, it's that he's experienced. He's been there, done it, and probably completed a crisp 10-yard pass with it. Although the 35-year-old now makes a pretty penny in Qatar, Xavi is best known for his 17 years with Barcelona as well as being a linchpin in one of the greatest international teams of all time.

The 133 time Spanish international has been speaking his mind as of late, and with someone of his distinction, it's well worth a listen. He's spoken of his belief that Jack Wilshire is the future of English football, how Sergio Busquets needs to become the new leader for Barcelona and most recently he's made a revelation about  his time with Dutchmen Louis Van Gaal.

Xavi said: "After two days of training under him, I thought, 'Who is this idiot?' After a week, I thought, 'He's right.' He'll always be in my heart."
Van Gaal would give an 18-year-old Xavi his debut at the Nou Camp, and the rest as they say, is history.
"He is a good person, a very good trainer," the eight time La Liga winner continued. "He has a very strong character, but he's calm in the Premier League because there's less pressure.
"He's much calmer than when he was at Barca or Bayern. He's honest, methodical and a real perfectionist. He's very demanding, he's strict and he wants to achieve the highest levels possible."
Xavi is as decorated as they come in the game, and although Van Gaal's record speaks for itself in many way it's a great testament of his managerial prowess. Can he go on to deliver the success that has alluded Manchester United since Sir Alex Ferguson's departure? It certainly seems like if anyone can, it's the Dutchmen.
Xavi won eight league titles at Barcelona, three Copa Del Rey's, six Spanish Super Cups, four Champions League and one World Club Championship. He also won the World Cup with Spain in 2010, as well as the European Championships in 2008 and 2012.

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Posted on:- 16/11/2015 - 17:14 PM
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